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Our offer consists of accounting and accounting assistance aimed in particular at companies without an internal accounting office. All services are carried out in a professional, precise, swift manner, with the highest level of responsibility.

The objective of the accounting service is to present and deliver to the client all the legal opportunities to optimize the activity, in particular in regards to accounting of taxes, duties and other charges.

We provide tailor-made, customized services, according to the needs of each single customer, based on the type and extent of the product or service. We are able to adapt our services to both small, medium-sized and large companies. We guarantee to our customers a service appropriate to their activities, mode and scope of operations.



  • Accounting communications issued to the client in English
  • Support for the ledger
  • Quantification of value added tax
  • Listing, depreciation and revaluation of basic assets
  • Administration of employees (determination of salaries)
  • Determination of contributions for taxpayers
  • Continuous relationship with revenue office and other state offices
  • Annual Final Balance Sheet (end-of-year report)
  • Calculation of partial financial statements
  • Determination of interests
  • Drafting documents for the stipulation of bank loans
  • Additional assistance at the request of the customer

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