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Companies in need of a temporary office for their business have the opportunity to take advantage of our virtual office service. In this way you can set up a company even without renting a proper office space. The objective is to allow the client to own a company that, after being registered in the Business Register, will not immediately start with its activities or in case of the client’s temporary absence from the country of the company’s registered office, or if the client just wants to save on expenses or is not in need of commercial premises, due to e.g. constant travelling, establishment of a home office and similar. With the rental of the virtual office the company acquires a registered office and a business address. You will be able to receive your mail (via scan or mail).


  • The entire service can be set up for both already existing and newly opened companies (before the registration).


  • The virtual service office comprehends the obtainment of a business address (at which you will be receiving your company mail), the possibility of transferring your mailing to a different address of yours (we can also transfer your mail to the chosen address in Slovenia or abroad, or scan it and send it by e-mail or similar).

Our accounting assistance varies from customer to customer. Call for more information.


  • We offer virtual office rental in all Balkan countries. To find out the price, write to


  • In addition to renting a virtual office that includes the post office box and the “scanning” of mail to your e-mail address, you can also rent a co-working space.

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