Establishment/buy of an LLC

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Establishment/buy of an LLC

By establishing an EX-NOVO LLC, the client must provide the share capital, which varies from country to country.

This option includes: the company establishment procedure, notary fees, personal tax code, process of opening a current account with online banking, the procedure for the insertion into the VIES system, costs of the legal translator and witnesses.


  • Timing for companies

the register of companies gets updated in 3-15 days after the company’s establishment


  • Documents that need to be provided by the client: ID card, passport and tax code


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Purchase of a LTD with VIES

This option is the only one that offers the customer a “turnkey” company. With this company, the customer becomes operational practically between 1 and 5 days, or what is needed by the Business Register to update the data.



The customer chooses the name of the company and the activities that the company will carry out, we will take care of the rest.


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