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Taxofia is a young and ambitious tax and business advisory company specializing in the start-up of companies and accounting in the Balkan countries. It operates in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania. The service is provided by attorneys, consultants and trade specialists for each state. Taxofia uses, for the more specialized aspects, the services of a network of companies and professional studies with some of which is connected by partnerships, in order to provide a complete range of services. We aim to find the most suitable nation and tax regime for our customer’s business.


We offer to our customers the most suitable solutions for their businesses. We work in several Balkan countries to ensure the best service in line with the needs of the customer.

Our goal is to follow and guide the customers throughout the sales or establishment of the companies and to assist their businesses during the growth and expansion processes. Our offer comprehends sale and constitution of societies, individual companies, tax and accounting consultancy, accounting, legal office, translations and many other services.

Taxofia does not only stands for ‘new business’, as that is just one of the services we offer. Our advantage is our international character, speed and flexibility.

Finding the right solution for our customers is the main purpose of our business and our guideline for future activities. Services are delivered professionally, and we are constantly aiming to improve our offer in order to meet the customers’ needs.



Martina – SLOVENIA MANAGER: founder of Taxofia. I got my master’s degree in law in Italy and my master’s in France. I worked as an apprentice judge at the Koper Court.

Aleksander – BOSNIA MANAGER: Graduated in law, entrepreneur and founder of two startups in Bosnia and of the Center of Human Rights in Banja Luka.

Anita – CROATIA MANAGER: graduated in law and active lawyer in Croatia