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Our Mission

Taxofia’s objective is to adapt continuously to the rapid changes in market and trade fields, in order to be able to propose the best possible solutions to its clients. We want to be the point of reference and support for all entrepreneurs wishing to expand into other countries.

Our goal is to make entrepreneurship affordable and possible for everyone.

  • feeling part of the same reality that moves us towards the same goal
  • direct our activities towards common success, ours and yours
  • offer quality services to customers and meet at best their needs and expectations
  • aim to optimize and customize the services for each customer over time; since every business has its own, specific needs
  • adapt the organization to new market challenges
  • operate in compliance with the law




We live in a world where trade takes place on an international scale. Taxofia has recognized the entrepreneurs’ need to expand to other countries, in search of new forms of income. Within a couple of years, Taxofia has entered most of the Balkan countries, with the aim of offering its customers the best solution to their problems. All our efforts go in the direction of proposing to the customer the best possible service, to adopt new knowledge in the fiscal sector in other countries and to furtherly deepen the fiscal and accounting knowledge in the countries we already operate in.


  • Expand in new countries
  • Find new solutions
  • Upgrade fiscal and accounting knowledge in the countries we already entered
  • Propose new trade-related services



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