Slovenia: the advantages for those who want to transfer their residence

Moving to Slovenia

Anyone who wants to move to Slovenia must bear in mind that there are no restrictions or visas for european residents. Thanks to the entry of Slovenia into the European Union, access the country is possible with a valid identity document. For the first three months it is not mandatory to obtain the certificate of residence. Only those who want to move to Slovenia for a period longer than three months must request the issuance of the certificate of residence at the competent local administrative unit. Even for those wishing to transfer their business activities to Slovenia, there are fewer impediments and limitations. Slovenia is becoming a real paradise for those wanting to start a new business activity.

Slovenia has a stable and flourishing economy, especially when compared to other republics of the former Yugoslavia. Given its proximity to Western Europe, Slovenia is an excellent crossroads between East and West, offering the possibility of many new professional and commercial opportunities. The good strategical position of the country and the recently started bureaucratic simplifications had as a result a simple and user friendly system of registering autonomous business activities.  In recent years Slovenia became for many Europeans, and to only, the perfect solution for saving their companies from bankruptcy, expanding their businesses abroad or simply for improving their standard of living and make new experiences. With the aim facilitating the relocation process for foreigners, Slovenia has introduced the euro as its national currency, thus replacing the Slovenian tolar.

Besides having a rich cultural and natural heritage, Slovenia, after its independence, boasts a continuously increasing standard of living, comparable to the most developed countries of Western Europe.  All those factors make your move to Slovenia easy and without constraints.


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