Do you know why is good to invest in Serbia?

Lately, Serbia has proven to be an oasis of opportunities offering foreign companies a possibility to increase and diversify their products and service offers and consequentially reach a development phase from where they can start walking firmly on the path to global leadership.

By investing in Serbia, you can benefit from various tax incentives as well as financial and territorial advantages. Those are offered both by the central government and various municipalities competing for the setting up of companies that would bring new job opportunities. Furthermore, numerous Free Zones with highly beneficial tax rates are being created.

As reported by Doing Business, Serbia has kept moving up the list by gaining 44 positions in the last two years until reaching the 47th place where it is today. However, Serbia is clearly determined to work on further reforms, mostly focused on attracting foreign investors, by applying a political interest that has been reconfirmed with the presence of the Government of Serbia at the recent “New Silk Road” summit in Beijing. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that China is progressively becoming the main investor in Serbia.

By investing in Serbia, companies can adopt a logistically and operationally favorable system both for countries close to Serbia (for example Italy) and other countries that intend to establish companies in Europe. The decision of investing in Serbia will bring new challenges, including working in a highly competitive context in terms of operating expenses and internal taxation.

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