Can I open a company abroad and work from my country?

Establish a LTD/LLC in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania


Opening a company abroad brings not only many advantages but also many uncertainties and doubts. It must be emphasized and clarified that opening a company abroad (Balkan countries) means that you can continue to work in your country. This is possible thanks to the important principle of the worldwide transaction.

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What exactly does the worldwide transaction mean? That the company’s income will be taxed in the country where it is produced. An interesting solution is therefore to move the registered office to the Balkan countries and continue living and working in the country of origin.

One important advantage is when you sell items in your country of origin with a foreign company, the agreements between the two countries allow you to be exempt from VAT. This means that you will be competitive with others.

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We can conclude that many entrepreneurs that are tired to dealing with the unmanageable costs of their companies, choose to emigrate to the Balkan countries with pleasure. In addition to the economic management of the businesses carried out, even at the bureaucratic level it is possible to take advantage of the maximum speed, clarity and transparency. Opening a company abroad is worthwhile.

Opening the company in Slovenia / Croatia / Bosnia / Montenegro / Albania / Serbia costs much less. Furthermore, labour costs are lower than on the Italian front.

The Balkan countries are modern, in the most positive and secure sense of the term.

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