How can you have your company in Croatia for less than 2 EUR?

Open a simple LTD (J.D.O.O.) in Croatia


In 2012, Croatia amended the law, which allows the establishment of a company with a share capital of only 10 HRK. The main goal of these changes was to enable their citizens and other non-residents to set up a business as easily as possible.


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Simplified limited liability company, or in Croatian language Jednostavno društvo s omejenim odgovorom (abbreviated j.d.o.o.), as already mentioned has a minimum share capital of EUR 1.30 which must be paid in cash (equivalent to 10,00 HRK), while the minimum participation is 1 HRK. The same law as for a limited liability company (LTD) is applied, unless the law contains special provisions for j.d.o.o . One of the main differences is that it can have a maximum of 3 shareholders and does not allow the presence of more than 1 director.


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J.d.o.o. will have to import into legal reserves a quarter of the profit recorded in the annual accounts less the losses for the previous year. If there is a possibility that the company will not be able to fulfill the assumed payment obligations, a mandatory general meeting of shareholders must be convened. When the share capital of the company j.d.o.o. reaches the amount of the share capital of a classic LTD (when the reserves reach HRK 20.000), the rules of a limited liability company (LTD-d.o.o.) will apply to a j.d.o.o.


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